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I hate it when HBO walks that supremely detestable walk … that of whoring language. I see ads of them airing Western movies in Hindi … I mean the lines will be in Hindi…!

If you feel that last exclamation is presumptuous, I DO NOT beg your pardon.

(To my billions of readers, who have been pining for me, and who have lost sleep over my months of disappearance, I DO beg your pardon. This is the culprit. Try its clutches, then blame me…)

I’ve seen Sun TV and other channels do this (… KONDATTAM!), but I have only my middle finger to offer to this enterprise.

There! If that makes me an anti-Nationalist, so be it. I don’t believe in redeeming myself in front of emotive “Indian” believers, either.

Just try watching a movie, dubbed. You’ll know what I mean. If you stand for beauty above all else, you’ll vote for me. Tempt me enough, and I’ll run in the next elections!

If not, this post is not (yet) for you…


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