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Lead on, General!

Tall stands the General, bowed down his head,
Knee deep in shambles, in sombre grief;
Stung to the quick, and heart full of lead,
Eyes still brimming in pure disbelief;

‘Et tu Brute(s); then fall, Caesar’,
The act of a Judas, a modern-day breed;
Sold for some coins, in salt and silver,
A low-down demeanor, cowardly greed;

The shores of black hell, of broken trust,
The shadow of doubt now maligning the rest;
There stands the General, at whose behest,
Was once the company, of many a conquest;

With hope in our eyes, we cast our eyes far,
We’ve lost the battle, but not the whole war;
The need of the hour, is a bright star,
To slaughter the enemies, on the altar;

Then from the background, rises a voice,
The collective chant of determined choice;
Starting from whisper, to thundering noise,
Shouts and cries, indomitable poise!

Lead on, brave General, you’re not alone!
We’re all with you, we’ll break their jawbone!
If they’ve licked us, we’ll lick’em right on!
Write them an epitaph, and carve their tombstone!

Come five, come fifty, come five hundred,
The path that spirals up in front of us,
Is lit very bright, by the flames red,
From the bridges that we have burned behind us!!!

Let’s blaze the path we walk on … We’re all with you … Lead on, General!

— A Troop Member


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