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I just recieved a strange request from Feroz, my colleague … his allotted work was about to finish, and I was staring at my Excel sheet, thinking about what next to allot him before EoD.

Saab, I have a request.”

I turn around. Feroz was standing there, the look on his face somewhere between peevish and bashful.

“Mm? Bolo.”

Aaj kucch mat allot keejiyega, saab.” (“Pease do not allot anything today, sir”)

I was surprised. this was a strange request. Feroz is the type who does not shun work, at least on the surface.

“Why, Feroz?”

“Today is Saturday, saab. Mere liye accha din nahin hai.” (“Not a good day for me.”)

“What?!?! Feroz!?”

“Whenever allotting has happened on Saturdays, I am never able to meet the deadline, saab. Please.”

He proceeded to give me examples from the past. Details and dates. I started wishing he would show this spirit in finishing work!

“OK, Feroz. I will allot you something tomorrow, from home. Happy?”

He smiles and leaves.

(Wow. We’re gonna take a loong time to get out of here!)


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